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    • All Signals:
    • 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI,
    • HD-SDI, A/V, HDMI 2.0,
    • CAM/CCU, Ref.Sync,
    • DMX, MADI, Voip,
    • KVM, GPIO, 10GbE, AES

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  • 1 RU Many HOT Switch-Overs

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  • 8K has come..........4K is here to stay

    *All Sizes from 2″ – 75″, *QA – Wall Monitors, *HD – 8K Inputs

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  • DUAL LAYER PANELS for Master Monitor Specs

    Uniquely Format Converted the Right Way for 8k/4k/2k

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  • 450W 24,820 Lux at 3m

    DMX Controlled Zoom from 15-60 deg beam angle

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  • LED RGB SOFT LIGHT with Seperate White Chips

    LED Lux of 3,307 at 1m at standard 120deg soft light beam angle

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  • For Film, Broadcast, Weddings

    Smoothest Head Available while being very light

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  • Ultimate Quality 4k PTZ

    *Fast, *Quiet, Broadcast Quality with Multiple Control Platforms

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  • Auto Tracking

    For Teachers and Lectures

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  • Single Channel to Quad Channel/Transmitters

    Broadcast Versions are Uncompressed Full-HD with INTERCOM features up to 500m

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  • Wireless Intercom up to 1000 Feet

    Full Duplex, no Latency, very forgiving for no line of site

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  • 48VDC Output & Charger

    Gmount, Vmount, DV Batteries also available

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